Fort Edmonton

New Strategic Direction

The areas of focus for guiding the Fort Edmonton Park transformation to becoming the premier cultural tourism attraction in Western Canada are relevant experiences, accessibility, financial sustainability, and corporate social responsibility.

Relevant Customer Experiences

Building out the breadth of the customer experience will occur by creating products and experiences that are aligned with the market and highlight the uniqueness of Fort Edmonton Park both within and outside the Park.


Improved business performance and relevance will allow the Park to focus on improved pricing making Fort Edmonton Park a destination for an increased number of visitors. Brand and product awareness in the market, as well as transportation to and from the Park, parking and better access for people with disabilities, will also be essential factors in improving overall accessibility.

Financial Sustainability

Enriching the project mix as a compliment to the core heritage program and moving from revenue-driven decisions to margin-driven decisions will be vital to success.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe in community and will cultivate an organization built on diversity and inclusion. We will be leaders in the tourism industry and the local community through deliberate actions that will build corporate social responsibility into our core business practices.