Strategic Business Renewal

A chicken dancer performing in the Performance Arbour at the Indigenous Peoples Experience at Fort Edmonton Park.
A red streetcar passes in front of the Capitol Theatre at Fort Edmonton Park. There is a 1920s interpreter in front of the theatre.
Cree Dancer, James Jones, performs in the Indigenous Peoples Experience at Fort Edmonton Park.

Our Experience

After ten years of managing Fort Edmonton Park, it was time to alter direction. To make the Park sustainable, a significant shift and focus on business renewal was required.

This includes exploring new business opportunities that support our passion for Fort Edmonton Park and the role it plays in the Edmonton community.

Watch the strategy come to life at Fort Edmonton Park, one of Western Canada's most iconic heritage museums.

Why Us?

Business Expertise is Key

We have experts in the areas of business renewal, finance, tourism, marketing, human resources, operations, supply chain management and more.